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Aidan Elkin

On October 20, 2018

VOte Aidan Elkin For Trustee

About Aidan

I am passionate about public education and excited to be running for SD61 School Board Trustee to support teachers and school communities provide a superlative educational experience and support students and their families. I strongly believe in providing an inclusive educational experience. From volunteering with the Leadership, Students’ Council and Counter Attack Road Sense in high school, to getting involved with Kiwanis, New Student Orientation and helping found a Powerspeaking club in University, community involvement and helping enable others to excel has always been a big part of my identity.


I completed a bachelor of Commerce at the University of Victoria and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Leadership at Camosun. Through my career, I have developed process improvement, consultation, project management and leadership experience in a multi-unionized environment. I currently work as the South Island Coordinator of Employee Records at Island Health.

I personally know the impact that an engaged and supportive teacher can make on a child's life, because that was my experience. In reflection upon my life and brief career so far, the skills and passions which have enabled me to succeed and be fulfilled in my work and professional life are ones I cultivated in school with the help and support my teachers.


In the classroom teachers must wear multiple hats and are responsible for educating, inspiring, supporting, and taking care of 20 or so different students. This is often in classes where students may have attained varying levels of subject mastery for their grade level and also in classes where some students require different behavioral and/or learning interventions to be able to succeed. I believe we need to make sure our teachers feel supported, are provided mentorship and professional development opportunities, and have appropriate class sizes, compositions and learning assistance so they are able to focus their energy on supporting and educating students.


In order to provide students the best educational experience, I believe we need to engage, consult and collaborate with students, their families, and all education professionals. Each group brings different experiences, knowledge and expertise to the table, all of them are critical in order to fully understand the education landscape in the 21st century and ensure we are making value driven, evidence based, inclusive decisions.


I am committed to working tirelessly in collaboration with education partners to support student success.


  • Invest in school infrastructure to create diversity of learning opportunities for students and increased community access to educational services and facilities, such as sports fields, green spaces, performance spaces.
  • Foster relationships with local community to further develop collaborative partnerships that support education partners and students
  • Work with local government and community partners to increase the availability of, and number of spots in before and after school childcare.
  • Expand School Board engagement with parents, teachers & students for inclusive & collaborative decision making
  • Advance physical health and mental wellness resources for all SD61 staff, students and families
  • Follow best practices of current inclusive learning model to improve learning environment for students
  • Continue to focus on, and move forwards equity across the school district
  • Prioritize review of school catchments to facilitate equitable distribution of long term student population growth
  • Advocate for the re-implementation of the Police School Liaison Office Program
SD61 Board of Education consists of nine (9) trustees
to be elected on October 20, 2018

School District 61 (Greater Victoria, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich, Royal Oak, Highlands) Board of Education Trustees are elected as part of the BC Privincial Municipal Elections with Elected trustees serving a 4 year term. General information for voters including; where to vote, voter qualifications and registration can be found here for each municipality:

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Greater Victoria School District 61 website:

British Columbia School Act


Meet the Candidates

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Student-Led All Candidates Meeting

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Location: Victoria High School's Auditorium - 1260 Grant Street


School Board Trustee All Candidate Public Meeting Hosted by the Fernwood Community Association

Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Location: Fernwood Community Association's Paul Phillips Hall - 1240 Gladstone Avenue

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